In days gone by almost anyone that wanted to educate themselves about any topic would normally use their local library as a resource. The majority of School always had some form of library on the premises. In Toronto one of the most well recognized places for collections of books and other information was the University of Toronto Libraries. At one time all of the resources were collected in one place. Now there are a selection of University of Toronto Libraries that are in different locations and on different campuses but all sphere headed by the University of Toronto.

These resources of course are well used by the students of the University to help them with their studies.

In today’s modern world while these library resources are still critically important the internet has become a strong match for the information that can be found here. Its’ not just students who need to access the type of information that is found in the libraries but its for anyone that wants to further their knowledge. For example, there are many avid poker players who want to learn more about this game that they play at their favorite casino. A library could very well be a reliable source for them to research.

The University of Toronto Libraries goes well beyond books. There are dvds, films and all types of different data that can be used to assist those who have access to these. They have become most valuable to the many students who attend the University of Toronto not only to help them with their research, but to provide them with a place that is comfortable that they can go to study at, or join other students so they can collectively work on projects.

Libraries such as these deserve to be funded and preserved because of their critical value.