A Student Centre is often called a learning center. This is because many of these types of entities offer different forms of education. Some are at the adult level, while other programs have been specifically designed for students who have dropped out of school and want to return. They may need to do some upgrading to help them through this process.

Student center learning has its advantages but there are also some disadvantages.

Student Center Learning Advantages

Most of the students that have taken this form of education feel that the classroom sizes were much smaller and that they got more attention. They also felt that the curriculum was modified to the point where they could learn at their own pace. They did not feel that they were being cheated in any way when it came to what they were being taught.

In some cases, the student center will allow for modified time schedules which help to fit in with a students schedule.

Student Center Learning Disadvantages

Some students feel that they are not getting the same range of course selections that they were getting when it the traditional school program. They also don’t feel that they have the same social opportunities that are found in the regular schools.

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The final decision as to where one takes their education has to be left up to the students themselves.