If you are willing to travel approx. one half hour from Hamilton, Ontario then you will reach Brantford which is the home of the Brantford Casino. This is an OLG Casino that provides plenty of action for enthusiastic casino game players.

The Brantford Casino Slots

Most people who attend casinos really like to play the slots. There are no disappointments to be found here when it comes to this type of casino game play. There are over 540 slot games to be enjoyed. These range from the classics to the video types. Many offer some great bonuses like free spins and other additional challenges that may give you a chance for some free play.

TheTable Games

If you are not into the slots or are looking for a change of pace in your gaming action then head over to the table games at the Brantford Casino. When you do you will have some great options to play Craps, Blackjack, or some different versions of poker just to name a few.

After some time spent on playing all of the exciting games here, chances are you are going to become hungry and be ready for a break. You don’t have to leave the casino premises to meet your needs. You can dine at the GetAway Restaurant and enjoy some fine food fare.

This Casino offers great gaming activity for anyone who is 19 years of age and older and it is a location that many of the students in the area who are of age like to visit, to get a break from their studies. It is located conveniently close to their educational institutions so when time away from school is needed this casino provides a great opportunity.

Residents, as well as visitors to this area, have enjoyed many hours of enjoyment at the Brantford Casino.