If you have decided to take part in one of the University of Toronto Graduate programs it means you have selected one or some from the 280 programs that this University offers. This is a University that is recognized the world over for the fine programs that it has to offer that opens the doors for many different types of careers.

Professional Programs

In this category, there are 60+ choices for the interested student. For those that are thinking about studies in the health sciences or different fields of engineering, these are the programs that should be looked at first.

Combined Degree Programs

If you choose programs under this category you will get the opportunity to further your education to the level that you want. These programs are comprised of Undergraduate/Master’s Degree programs and there are plenty to choose from.

Interdisciplinary Studies

Taking this route for your educational needs means that you can become involved in one of the several University of Toronto Graduate programs that come under this umbrella. These are collaborative specializations with over 40 programs to select from.

Diploma Programs

The University has not forgotten about those students who are only interested in obtaining education that will lead to a diploma. There are three to choose from which gives students with this area an interest the chance to attend an outstanding University.

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